My Otakon 2017 Lineup

otakon 2017 cosplans

Hey all!! Who all am I going to see at Otakon this year in DC? If you want to find me, I’ll be in the pictured costumes!

Otakon 2017 CosPlans

Friday: Raven (DC Comics)
Saturday: Yennefer Alt Look (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)
Sunday: Christine Daae Point of No Return (The Phantom of the Opera)

30 Days of Cosplay: Days 7-9

7. The character you have cosplayed that is most similar to you (if none that you have cosplayed, then one that you will cosplay)

Oh wow. This one for me would be a tie between Raven and Sheena. Both are dedicated to their friends, strong willed, and more intelligent than people give them credit for.

8. Your cosplay plans for the rest of the year (if you have no more for this year, then do next year!)

Oooh, I’m glad you asked!

So we’re gearing up for Otakon 2017, which moved to DC instead of my hometown of Baltimore. So to commemorate such a big move, I’m doing a big build.

This year, I’m tackling the daunting task that is Camilla from Fire Emblem.


I mean look at that! Badass boots, gorgeous hair, HIP CLAWS! I already have the wig for it, too.


9. The dream cosplay that might just happen

One of these days I’ll actually cosplay Wonder Woman in a legitimate sense. It’s bound to happen.

30 Days of Cosplay: Days 3-6

My weekend was beyond hectic. I host karaoke monthly, so that was my Friday night. And then house things, pathfinder, getting ready for my mini vacation. And then BAM! Four days passed. Whoops!

Soooooo this is going to be a bit of a meme dump today. I’ll flesh it out as best I can.

  1. Your most recent cosplay.

Oooooh, okay. So most recently, I did Yennefer from the Witcher 3. I worked on her alternate look, since I liked it a bit better than her standard traveling outfit. A lot cooler in the hot summer months too. I still need to get some good photographs of that one. My boots were absolutely fabulous.

  1. Your cosplay communities, where do you go to talk about cosplay?

Mainly just on skype with my friends. I’m not that active in the community as a whole because I don’t know how to be? Everyone is already friends with each other, so it sometimes feels like I wouldn’t fit in. Especially since I’m heavy-set, and therefor fall into a different category than others.

  1. Blatant self plug! Link us to your cosplay page, be it DA, ACP, Coscom, whatever!

Well, there’s here. Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

  1. Your favourite cosplay (that you have done)

Hands down, Gwendolyn. I’m so proud of that ballgown, even though it didn’t place.

30 Days of Cosplay: Day 2

Day 2: How many costumes have you made?

Oh boy… Well this one can be a bit subjective if you really think about it. If you consider all of the ones I’ve made for other people, it’s close to thirty. But if you’re talking about ones that I’ve only done for me? Nineteen. And even deeper in that, I’ve done a few costumes several times over (re-made, not re-worn). So if we count the re-dos as one lump item…probably around nine or ten, then.

I know my MOST WORN cosplay is Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere.


I’ve done her ballgown three times, and her armour an additional two.

Second on that list would be Raven, having made that one three times as well. Each time, I get a little better.


Short post is short, but I’ll be able to do more in depth in later questions.

30 Days of Cosplay: Day 1

Day 1: Your First Costume


Right there in the middle is me in my sophomore year of high school. Local library had set up a Halloween anime club party where they encouraged this crazy new thing (to me) called Cosplay. Almost immediately, I was intrigued. I already had some minor sewing knowledge from fixing my clothes, so some of it seemed like it would be easy, right?

My first official costume that I set out to (sort of) make myself was for my favorite character at the time. Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia. Okay, so she’s STILL in my top five. Guilty!

Tales of Symphonia was first introduced to me that year by my best friend Jeff. We used to have to both babysit our younger siblings, so our parents let us all gather at one house where all five of us would chill while Jeff and I made sure nobody broke a limb or started house-fires. So what would we do? Put the three younger kids in the living room in front of the television after we made pizza rolls or something, set up the small spare tv off to the side, and play the game cube while they did their own thing right next to us.

We went through the story together, and we latched onto our favorite characters like glue. Those after-school nights solidified my love of RPGs and of the Tales of franchise. Since then, I’ve played and owned as many of the Tales games as I possibly could.

But back to the costume!

I tried so very hard, and for a first go? It’s not the worst. I didn’t make anything completely from scratch, this time because I had no knowledge of how to modify patterns yet. The top and arm bands were from a repurposed athletic top from Walmart. I capped the sleeves, used the lower arm bits for the fake gloves, and HOT GLUED EVERYTHING. It was…something.

I loved every second of it, and my new favorite hobby was born.

Crunch Time

Otakon 2015 is in a little over a week now.

*Deep breath*

Okay Korynn, we can do this. We can pull these costumes out from nowhere, and make them as epic as humanly possible! Yeah, that’s right. It’s going to be amazing.

*Deep breath*

*Internal Screaming*


No, the android is right. You have to keep it together. So far you haven’t had your annual “pre-con freakout” and that’s a good thing.

Ahh, the use of literary motivators during tough times.

Now, on to the important bits. I’ve still got quite a few things to do for these costumes, and not a whole lot of time to do them. So I’m going to be enlisting my friends and forcing them to do things so that way everyone can look good.

Arno’s jacket is now completely traced. All that’s left to do with him is to stitch it all together. Elise still needs a few pieces, like the lace collar and the black overskirt.

Altair’s hood is completely done (the hardest part about him tbh) and now all that’s left is the tunic and vambrace bits.

As for Blue Baby: The head is almost complete. Hopefully I can get that to do what I want soon. And the onesie should fall into place easily.

Gwendolyn… My contest piece…

I haven’t even started yet. Lord have mercy on my soul.

Boning, Brocade, and Baby Heads Oh My!

I am literally awful at blogging sometimes. I like to have things linked so that I can knock out more than one in a single go. But ah well. This is life.

An update on the dirty dirty Templar Elise!

I have fully finished the bodice of the gown, finished modifying the hoop skirt, and finished the floofy white underskirt for the main dress. All that I have left to do for her are the lace collar, the black overskirt, and the detailed gold pieces. My jewelry and wig are all together for her, I just need to start packing things away once I’m done with actual construction. Unfortunately, I was unable to get more of the brocade fabric I fell in love with for the skirt, but I was able to make it work, I think.

As for Altair and Arno, the last of their materials is arriving any day now, and then things for them will be fully under way.

Finally… In regards to the Binding of Isaac costume that is being commissioned from me by my friend Jeff. We are testing out the newest try at the giant baby head tonight. New paper and tape cage, new paper mache mix, box fans for drying. We got this. I know we do.

Now pardon me while I sink into the corner and sob.

22 days until the convention.