Custom Continent Maps!

I started mapping out some more things! Literally! I’ll have to do more detailed city and cave maps as I go into more of the specifics, but I’m really happy with how this has ended up so far.


I’ll update a bit later once I finalize some things placement wise and add them into my digital file.

World Map Creation

This is my absolute first time running a pathfinder campaign, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been spending the past month mapping out plot lines (accounting for party derailment) and general themes. And now…

I got my world map finalized! This version isn’t to scale fully, even though there’s a scale in the corner. I enlarged a few things just for this picture so that in case my players find it, they’re not seeing a fully accurate map before the 23rd.

pathfinder map

Paileus is a world rife with political and social turmoil. At the turn of the century, many citizens are not too thrilled with how the world is run; broken up into separate conflicting factions that have little regard for the fallout of their actions.

Most common folk see themselves as just casual players in the long game, and few are willing to step up to do what is right.

The late King Taeron had begun amassing mystical artifacts capable of dealing great harm to his foes in a last-ditch effort to sway the turning war in his direction. And much like others before him, his sudden passing left his dream unfulfilled. The whereabouts of these artifacts are unknown to even the royal family.

There have also been rumors circulating of a second rebellion rising from the south led by a surprising force.

It is your job to navigate this world. Discover its secrets, and all it has to offer you.

Perhaps you wish to discover who truly murdered the King. Or maybe you’re more interested in hunting down the artifacts that Taeron had scattered to the corners of the earth. At the end of the day, you may just want to roam around the continents seeing how many notches you can put in your proverbial belt at each of the cities’ finest brothels.

Whatever you choose, make it worthwhile. Begin your journey in Scorpion Bay, and let the adventure unfold.

I’m at least attempting to look cute for Ren Faire this year

Last year I didn’t get the chance to dress up for it or anything, so this year I’m doing a few super casual things in the hopes of having one be viable. This is the bare bones of today’s attempt.

I found a blazer at the local thrift store for $3, found a belt there for $1.50 too. Fitted the sides of the blazer a bit more to my shape, gave it a cute underbust look, and hacked off the sleeves. Still need to finish all the exposed edges, maybe with some cute trim.


I’ve begun world creation on a new tabletop campaign

Not many of the details are hammered out enough for me to want to post them just yet, but it will be pulling heavily from a wide variety of seafaring adventures. I’m starting with a map, and working my way down. Hopefully I’ll have something solid for you to see within the next few weeks!

This will be my first time running a full campaign, and I’m not sure if I’m using D&D 5e or Pathfinder just yet. I have both of the rule books, I just have to look more into the mechanics of some of the monster creation so I can figure out which will be easier to run.

My Otakon 2017 Lineup

otakon 2017 cosplans

Hey all!! Who all am I going to see at Otakon this year in DC? If you want to find me, I’ll be in the pictured costumes!

Otakon 2017 CosPlans

Friday: Raven (DC Comics)
Saturday: Yennefer Alt Look (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)
Sunday: Christine Daae Point of No Return (The Phantom of the Opera)