DIY Save The Dates and Invitations

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday!

Today I’m doing a quick little post about designing my own stationery for the wedding. My background: I have extensive photoshop training and some minor design experience. I took classes for photoshop from middle school up through college. So that is where all of my experience lays.

Let’s get started!

Here is what my stationery currently looks like.

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Why did I choose to design my own stationery?

I wanted to be able to really customize it. A lot of the pre-designed packs only allow you to put in some minor details, like names and dates. I wanted to be able to have something unique, recognizable, and fun. I knew that doing it myself would give me the full control of customization that I wanted, as well as save me a little bit of money. A pack of 100 sheets of 5×7 rounded corner paper cost me roughly $12. So instead of spending $200+ on save the dates and invitations, I spent $50 on paper and envelopes. I’d consider that a massive success.

What sort of inspiration did I look for?

Since we are getting married on a ship, I wanted something a little nautical themed, maybe travel related. I took to pinterest to gather some ideas about fun invite ideas. I was seeing luggage tag shapes, airplane tickets, and some that were shaped like the steering wheels of ships. I had an entire pinterest board dedicated just to invite inspo until I re-did my pinterest wedding board and got rid of that.

I had actually found some people selling some that were designed to look like passports, and I adored it. I thought it was such a cute idea, and began sketching out ideas and ways to make my own.

Didn’t you need pictures? How did you get your backgrounds?

I actually have paid access to certain stock photo sites, and had been given permission to pull a few stock photos for my personal use. That’s how I got the rope border on my save the dates, and the background I used and modified heavily. The main photo, my father took. And the rest of the empty boxes in the “passport” will be filled over the summer when we are able to go back to the beach and take some photos there.

Ultimately, I’m happy with how they turned out. The test print of my actual invitation showed me how I needed to tweak the colors, and what sizing issues I needed to fix. But those will be ready to be mailed come August!

Thanks for reading, folks. See you later!

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