So I’m a LARPer Now, You Should Be Too.

Those of you who follow me on twitter or facebook already know this, but I’ve joined a local L.A.R.P. group. It’s a wonderful little community that goes by the name Larp Adventures, and sweet baby jesus am I already hooked. I’ve chosen to play a character on the Wizard’s path, which will be a whole lot of fun once I get access to some higher level spells.

But more on that another day. I’m here to go through my first impressions and three tips for newbies from newbies.

I’m not a big combatant, I’m not physically ready for that yet. And I did have my reservations at first, but I’m glad I jumped in. There are definitely some things I wish I’d known before my first game, though.

The biggest draw I found to this particular game came simply from the fact that two close friends, as well as my fiancé, are players in it. The three of them are in a Mercenary company in-game which actually makes for some interesting entertainment watching them decide which side to battle for on a day-to-day basis. Originally, they had wanted me to join their team. The leader wanted to expand his ranks, but I wanted to feel it out for myself first.

What would have benefited me was reading people’s in-character journals and posts on the forum before the event. I had read up on all of the rules, but I felt that I was missing some lore introduction in my first session. The folks running it were very accommodating though. They answered questions that I had, explained some minor backstory to me, and even included me in a plot-based event during the day. That really helped to make me feel more open and included in the game.

I learned that I have to talk louder. I wasn’t loud enough during most things because we were outside and I’m used to speaking for microphones rather than fields. It will take a little practice, but It shouldn’t be hard.

The venue was absolutely fantastic. It was a camp-out event at Mountain Run Winery. The wine was fabulous, the food was great, and the atmosphere really had that fantasy tavern vibe. There are only a few camp-out events a year. Most of the year, ther are monthly battle days at a park much closer to me than the winery is. I haven’t been to one of those yet, but I look forward to it.

Story-wise, I can’t tell you much. Not yet anyway. It is set in a world called Osterra, where portals to other worlds open and close with surprising regularity. Not much is known this early on so I still have to figure out more of it myself, but what I can say is that I am fairly certain who I am going to align myself with, and I am so excited to see that play out. So, friends, before I cut you lose today I’ll leave you with my three pieces of advice. From one newbie to another.

  1. Study the lore for the game you want to join before you get there. It will help you insert yourself easier, or even just follow along. Deciding on a character name is included in this tip!!
  2. Take a deep breath and just introduce yourself. Everyone is here for the same reason, so you at least have three things in common. Make a friend and plot with them.
  3. YOUR. SUNSCREEN. I applied mine before I left home, I’m glad I did. But I got pink because I FORGOT THE BOTTLE at home and couldn’t reapply. Turns out, a lot of people did this. You will be a god if you remember your sunscreen.

I’ll be posting about my costuming for this event this Friday! So keep an eye out for pictures then!


2 thoughts on “So I’m a LARPer Now, You Should Be Too.

  1. This is so exciting! I love seeing larp from the perspective of new people, you all provide VERY valuable feedback on a hobby which can absolutely end up with people too set in their ways. Change is awesome in the larp world, and I am really looking forward to seeing what you bring to it!


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