Pros and Cons of a Cruise Wedding

If you’re like me, you are likely making a long list of the benefits and drawbacks of all of your wedding options once you start planning. And if not, I envy you and your calmness.

I’ve decided to type up my short list for such a scenario today. Focusing solely on the Cruise wedding we chose.


  1. Interesting/unique venue – Many people look for a sense of originality in their weddings. They don’t want to be just another carbon copy of the latest pinterest fads. And a cruise can help with that. You can host on the ship, out at sea, or at one of the destination ports. Your choices are only limited by what itinerary you decide to book.
  2. Budget friendly – If you want to save some money while still throwing a memorable get together, this might be the path for you. For the same cost, or lower, than a more “traditional” land-based wedding you can have not only the ceremony and reception but your honeymoon included in your overall cost. There are loads of affordable options at your disposal.
  3. Hands-Off planning – The cruise line’s wedding planner will handle quite literally everything except booking, attire, and transport to the ship. You don’t have to go to venue tours, preferred vendor lists, or cake tastings (Although I won’t stop you. Get that free cake!) Everything is handled by the cruise line.
  4. Week long party – With as many of your friends and family that you want cruising with you to celebrate, your party can last all week long! Cruise weddings are also great “excuses” for people who would otherwise not cruise to do so. Several of my family are using this as the reason to take their first cruise! So keep those drinks flowing and hop in the conga line, you’re going to remember this wedding turned family vacation for the rest of your life.


  1. Size limitations – Due to the travel expenses and the size of some ships, you may not be able to have a larger wedding of the common 200 guest variety. That is a drawback, but not a deal breaker.
  2. Limited choices – You may not have a choice of where on the ship your ceremony will take place. On some lines, venues are assigned based on guest count, to provide for the most comfort possible.
  3. Sharing is caring – It is very likely that you will not be the only wedding onboard for the sailing, or even for the day. Embarkation day weddings can be popuylar. Carnival will only do a set number of them per day, and that number is very small. 2 or 3.
  4. People may say no – There will be some family members who decline to travel for a destination type wedding for a variety of reasons. Be it monetary restrictions or health reasons, remember that they do love you and wish you well even if they can’t make it.

Overall, I think that choosing the right type of celebration is entirely up to the look that you want to have, your budget, and your personal tastes. But I do hope that this helps at least a little bit.

Have a great Wednesday!

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