Wedding Planning: Early Choices

Happy Friday, everybody! And welcome back for the next installment in my adventures in wedding planning. Today I’m not doing anything terribly intense, just breaking down some of the personal choices that we are making for the wedding and cruise.

Have any of you cruised before? If not, I highly recommend it. So much is included in the cost, it ultimately costs less than a week-long stay in a stateside beach town. If you shop right, that is. Let me know in the comments if you’ve cruised, and if so on what line!

As you may know from my last post, we chose to cruise with Carnival for our wedding. I’ve cruised with them before and am a member of their VIFP Loyalty program, so it was an easy decision once we looked at our two budget friendly options.

We had to book our room first, before we could reserve the wedding. That wasn’t as hard as it may seem, since Carnival start bookings usually around 22-24 months in advance. Since we decided on April, weather was going to be a big factor in our decision making process. We live on the east coast, so we chose a ship leaving port in Miami Florida to give us warmer weather as we sail south.

Pro tip: Cruising during the school year will also limit the numbers of rowdy kids on cruises, for those of you who may want to keep that in mind.

The cruise we chose is sailing to

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Thomas, USVI
  • Amber Cove, Dominican Republic
  • Grand Turk

I’ve been to two of these ports before, and really wanted to visit them again. San Juan has some excellent historical walking tours that I’d be interested in booking, and St. Thomas has some breathtaking views of the islands when you ride the gondola up to the peak. Chris has never cruised or traveled outside of the U.S. before, so all of these places are new to him. We wanted a little adventure for the both of us, but having some ports be places that he knows I’m familiar with helped make him more comfortable with the idea of travel like that.

For the wedding itself, we haven’t gotten to pick a location on the ship yet. That will come much closer to the date. We still have just over 580 days to go. Plenty of time. We did go with their Carnival Classic wedding package. This package includes a reception with hot and cold hors d’eouvres, cake, and an open bar. We chose the Platinum upgrades to the package, because of the food and beverage upgrades, as well as a few perks for us two on the first night of our honeymoon. Food choices aren’t solidified yet, but some of these options look absolutely phenomenal. Here, let me show you some of the hot and cold food options we get to pick.

food options

We only get to pick three hot and three cold, between the two levels. It’s going to be a hard choice, I dare say.

Another pretty big choice we’ve already made is that I’ll be designing our Save the Dates and Invites myself. We’re going to be able to save a few hundred dollars by making and printing our own paper goods, so I’m very excited. Sticking to a nautical theme for the paperwork too. We’re looking at using both turquoise and purple in our wedding. One, because those are the colors that my hair is dyed, and two because they look very well paired with the Grey that Chris wants to wear.

That about wraps it up for my updates today! Starting MONDAY I’ll have a new schedule up for posts, that way I don’t’ get burnt out on themes and topics. See you then!

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