We’re Getting Married!

So as many people already know by now, I’m engaged!

A few months ago, my long term boyfriend proposed at a local vineyard. It was cute, and sweet, and I think a little expected by my family. He’d invited my sister along for the day, as well as his mother and sister. So there was a little bit of planning involved.


All of that got the wheels turning. What sort of ceremony would we want? What kind of budget would we need? When did we want to become legally bound on paper in the eyes of the government?

It took a fair bit of time to figure that out, to be honest. We did celebrate properly that night with Chinese food and more wine with our siblings and close friends. But the day after was when all of the questions started coming in. We were both getting phone calls from relatives that our parents had told, friends who live in other states, and I’d gotten my first bridal advertisement on Instagram. That’s how you know it’s serious business.

The first question everyone had for us was the obvious one: When? Now at the time, we hadn’t given thought to a date, seeing as we had been engaged for less than 24 hours. But we did know one thing, it would be a little while. We wanted to save up some money and weigh our options. So we started generalizing with “One or two years, probably.” And the like. None of this, however, stopped our parents from beginning to toss out suggestions. Local churches, local vineyards, state parks. If it was a reasonably priced venue, we ended up looking at it.

But believe it or not, the winning suggestion came in tandem from my father and my sister. (Dad and sister pictured below during the Christmas Cruise 2017)


Can you tell we’re a family who enjoys fun?

Anyway. She had texted me while we were going over options with my parents:

“How about a cruise wedding?”

Now that was an idea! It was fairly unique to us, I adore cruising as a means of vacation, and the price was comparable to a land-locked wedding done in more traditional means. (Cheaper, even.) All at once the idea of getting married on a beautiful cruise ship surrounded by our friends and family before setting sail for a tropical island sounded absolutely spectacular in our minds.

It was time to start researching cruise lines.

Come on back in a few days as I break down my research process and how we decided which cruise to book!

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