The House Rules of a first time GM

As a few of you know, I’m beginning my very first run at storytelling for a pathfinder campaign this Friday evening. It’s a not-so-happy little world that I’ve been creating for the past few months, and I’m super excited to meet the player characters as they join us!

I’ve listened to many people, read articles, and played countless more hours of tabletop games in order to get a feel for what I think will be a good set of non-restrictive house rules for playing at my table.

If anyone’s interested, I’ve typed them up here! It’s very likely that more will get added to this list as time goes on. I’m very much a greenhorn when it comes to this sort of thing.

  1. I won’t make my players pay for basic rations on a standard dungeon crawl. They WILL have to prepare food and water for cross ocean/desert/forest treks though.
  2. If they choose to pay for food at an inn, it may or may not offer them some in-story benefits. Who knows.
  3. Custom items and weapons will be gifted to each player as the campaign goes on, based on their character backstory that they’ve given me.
  4. If the players can make an argument something (feat, skill, weapon, etc. WITHIN REASON) using story lore or pre-established background lore (read: from the story they’ve given me before today) then I will consider it at an away from table discussion.
  5. This is a very roleplay heavy game, I will reward good story telling.
  6. I’m using Inspiration. I like it.
  7. Show up in costume and you get a free point of inspiration to use during that night’s game.
  8. You also get a point of inspiration if you use a consistent character voice.
  9. Once you kill it, you can eat it. Basic enemies will be represented Hershey kisses and Reese’s cups. Mini boss monsters will be fun-size candy bars. Big story bosses will be full sized candy bars.

Like I said. I’ll likely think of more. I just thought these were fun.

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