Adventurer’s Log: Session 1

This is just a small portion of how I write my campaign notes.


Adventurer’s Log
Session #1: 11/19/2016


Character Details Player
Jack Aves Lvl.6 Human Gunslinger Eric S
Liara Lvl.6 Half-Elf Ranger Jean H
Aramis of Cintra Lvl.6 Human Ranger Chris M
Lyra Gant Lvl.6 Elf Rogue Korynn W


  • The scene opens with Jack and Aramis, travelling along the path to the meeting of the Adventurers’ Association to accept some new contract or whatever. They banter back and forth, insulting Aramis for his pompous name.
  • They eventually arrive at the equivalent of a plantation, buttled by what appears to be Tim Curry
  • The two meet the gloriously mustachioed Mr. Whittlesworth, who is clearly the most important person known to man.

Jack: Now THAT’S a name.
Aramis: That’s a hell of a name.

  • Liara is introduced more or less casually, but with some pomp
  • Group is told that they “must” return the relics to Mr. Mustachio but that’s really to be seen.
  • [Sean passes out deus ex machina notes here because reasons]
  • Group is kicked out and told to get a move on and find the lost temple of Naharah
  • They travel for an uneventful week (that feels like it only took about 30 seconds) and arrive at the port, where they meet with their hired ship.
  • The Quopead
    • Captain Baha, the man with the wooden arm
  • Three days into the journey, Captain Baha asks the three (mainly Liara lbr here, she’s the only one who knows this shit) what all they know about Al Karuk
    • Walled city
    • Over 1,000 ships docking daily
    • City of the Free Drow
    • Unsafe to dock at night because ghosties
    • Green lights on the water – scary shit, man
  • Another week passes, and a ship comes into view
    • Several crew members seem to be happier when they hear that
    • No resistance is shown, in fact all defenses are taken down fully
    • Captain Baha seems very…interested…in this Pirate Captain
  • Aramis and Jack draw weapons on the boarding pirates who immediately start apologizing and act very confused
    • Nobody really ever draws down on them
    • Most people actually look forward to them coming on board
  • Pirate ship White Abalon
    • Captained by the Dread Pirate Philbert
      • The understatedly handsome
    • Second in command: Hugo

Liara: No man that handsome deserves to be called Philbert

  • Fully explains the purpose of Piracy Guilds
    • Considered a form of taxation (involuntary)
    • Monthly/quarterly quotas for pillaging, murdering, and whatnot
      • This leads to half of the Quopead crew being VERY disappointed
    • The Adventurers do not fall under the jurisdiction of the pillaging, their stuff is safe.

Philbert: And what is your business crossing the sea?
Jack: …Stuff?
Liara: Things?
Jack: To get to the other side?

  • Captain Philbert pushes for one of his riggers to join the expedition
    • Claims that it will be better for her than piracy
  • Party is introduced to Lyra Gant
  • Some time later, the party arrives in Al Karuk
    • Arrive at night and stay docked off the coast a ways
    • Observe the lights up close-ish
  • On shore, the party makes their way to the inn/house where they’ll be staying
    • Set up previously by Mr. Whittlesworth
    • Managed by a man named Raphael

Jack: So you recognized us because of the camel, right?
Raphael: I recognized you because you are foreigners.

  • More details on the adventure for the lost temple of Naharah
    • Self-funding the expedition on a local basis (food, travel through desert)
    • Basically we were told “GLHFDD” (good luck, have fun, don’t die)

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