Pre-Con Skin Care

Like many other cosplayers, I like to have at the very least semi-decent looking skin when I go to a convention. It makes me feel more confident, and I feel like it just makes the costume look more put together.

Besides, the foundation for any good makeup is a fresh and clean canvas.

So here’s what I do up to two weeks before the convention. You can start sooner, but I’m a procrastinator.

Two weeks until convention:

Start drinking only water and unsweetened tea. If you must drink juice, make sure it’s natural and not too high in the bad stuff. The water will help you keep your natural glow, and will be a lot better for your body in preparation for the late nights and takeout traditions of convention season

Always always ALWAYS make sure you drink enough water during the day. It will do more for your body and your skin than you could ever imagine. There’s a cute little app out there called Plant Nanny (It’s free!) that you tell every time you drink a full glass of water. Each time you do, it water’s your little plants, and you grow them as you consume more.

I start making a night time routine about now too. Every night, I fill up the tub with hot water and I just soak. The steam helps clear out your pores, and the soaking helps loosen the dead skin cells.

After three days, exfoliate! Use a sugar scrub and a warm washcloth to scrub away the dead cells that you’ve been wearing down with your mighty baths.  I have a homemade lemon sugar scrub from my cousin’s wedding that I absolutely ADORE.

Make sure to moisturize before bed, as well. But only on the dry parts of your skin.

It’s also a good idea to start doing a little bit of cardio every day from now until you leave for the convention. It will help your legs get ready for the massive amounts of walking, stairs climbing, and standing in line that will be going on very soon.

One week until the convention:

Keep up with your baths! Don’t skip them! Not only will they do wonders, but they’ll help relax you while you’re in your crunch time sewing mindset. If you’re like me, you sew for hours upon hours; and that can wreak havoc on your lower back. This not only makes you feel special, but it helps soothe any construction pains you’re having. The quiet time is just as valuable as the tension relief, if not more so.

I exfoliate every three days. You don’t have to, but I do. I wouldn’t suggest any more frequently than that. If you have more sensitive skin, only do this once a week to avoid looking like a lobster.

One week beforehand is when I also start my daily mask. Every night, when I get in my tub to soak, I put a homemade organic mask on my face. All you have to do to make one yourself is gather up the ingredients, throw them all in a blender, and mix that shit til it’s smooth and makes your kitchen smell like a day spa. The one I have helps pull the gross gunk out of my pores, and I adore it. I put the first one of this round on last night and this morning my painful cystic zit on the side of my nose was almost completely gone. All you have to do to use it is smear it all over your face, and let it dry while you relax in your bath. Then, wash it off with a damp cloth, and use an oil free cleanser on your gorgeous face.

I make mine using:

-1/2 Cup Monkey Butt Calamine powder

-3-5 Large fresh strawberries

-1 Tsp. organic honey

-1 Tsp. essential lavender oil*

-1 Tsp. essential tee tree oil*

*PLEASE NOTE: Putting UNDILUTED essential oils on your skin can irritate sensitive skin. Please be careful and always dilute oils with other ingredients (like adding it to a mask) prior to use.

The tee tree oil is what does it for me. It helps clear my skin up like no tomorrow. You can really use any oil that suits you. A lot of people use Almond oil instead of tee tree, but I’m using this on other people who are allergic to almonds, so that one is a no-go.

That’s more or less all I’ve got for you here. Hopefully this little post here helped you out!

Happy costuming!


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