Boning, Brocade, and Baby Heads Oh My!

I am literally awful at blogging sometimes. I like to have things linked so that I can knock out more than one in a single go. But ah well. This is life.

An update on the dirty dirty Templar Elise!

I have fully finished the bodice of the gown, finished modifying the hoop skirt, and finished the floofy white underskirt for the main dress. All that I have left to do for her are the lace collar, the black overskirt, and the detailed gold pieces. My jewelry and wig are all together for her, I just need to start packing things away once I’m done with actual construction. Unfortunately, I was unable to get more of the brocade fabric I fell in love with for the skirt, but I was able to make it work, I think.

As for Altair and Arno, the last of their materials is arriving any day now, and then things for them will be fully under way.

Finally… In regards to the Binding of Isaac costume that is being commissioned from me by my friend Jeff. We are testing out the newest try at the giant baby head tonight. New paper and tape cage, new paper mache mix, box fans for drying. We got this. I know we do.

Now pardon me while I sink into the corner and sob.

22 days until the convention.

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