Time to become a dirty, dirty templar

So my lovely boyfriend and I have started to get our costumes and supplies together for Otakon way early this year, since we’re going to be tackling some projects that will require a hefty amount of detail.

First up on the list? Assassins!

Assassins everywhere!

Also one dirty templar thrown into the mix, because I simply could not resist making Elise’s gown from the AC Unity concept art. What can I say? I’m a sucker for frills and french inspired fashion.


Where does that leave this, you may wonder. Well, my friend. We are being super ambitious.

I am not making him a custom Arno from the customization screen, because I feel like a lot of people are going to be doing that. No.


I’m going to be making his hella rad Master Assassin outfit. You know, the one with all the buttons, and gold trimming. Aaahhh, it’s a dream.

On top of all that, I’ll even be making him Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad’s Master Assassin robes from the first AC game, with new and hi-res detail shots courtesy of the AC Unity outfit customizer.


He loves him some Altair, and I love me some challenges.

We bought the necessary patterns the other day, and have almost all of the fabric too. I’ll be doing another photo heavy post once the rest of the fabric comes in.

So prepare yourselves for some hard-core parkour. We’re going assassining this year.

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