There is nothing wrong with starting over.

Just about every person has personal health goals that they’re trying to achieve. Maybe you’re trying to bulk up for bodybuilding, or you’re trying to slim down for whatever reason you may have, or you’re happy with your body and maybe you just want to have a little bit more energy during the day. Whatever your reason: I’m proud of you.

And maybe you fell off the wagon on your journey. You know what? I’m STILL proud of you.

There is nothing wrong with failing and then re-starting on your goals. You are human, it’s normal. (Presumably… I don’t know you, you could be a robot. If so…damn, you’re one fine robot.)

Personally, I’ve started and re-started this journey more times than I would care to admit. And I’m starting it over again now, actually. It’s an attempt to hold myself accountable for the choices I make, and try to get healthier along the way. I currently have a relatively high level of energy. I do not get winded on stairs, I go to the gym three times a week, and I am at no risk for hbp or diabetes. I keep up on that with my doctor, no worries. I just want to do this for me.

My long term goal is to get down to 155 LBS by my 30th birthday. That’s a little over three years away, so I have time to do it in a healthy and effective way. I am currently at 258 LBS, so I have 101 to go! I have a timeline of goals, actually…

Goal #1: 245 by December 31, 2017
Goal #2: 220 by May 10, 2018 (27th birthday)
Goal #3: 199 by December 31, 2018
Goal #4: 180 by May 10, 2019 (28th birthday)
Ultimate Goal: 155 by May 10, 2021 (30th birthday)

So hopefully this semi flexible and long term guideline will help me be able to stick to my goals.

So let’s do this!

I’m starting now.

Today’s date: 10/10/2017
Current Weight: 258.4 Lbs


My NaNoWriMo adventure begins!

Hello hello, all! I’ve come to keep everyone updated on the mildly entertaining drivel that is my non-cosplay related life.

I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo for the past five years now, and I’ve “won” (or hit my goal) for the past three. For those of you who don’t know what it is, NaNo is a challenge posed for writers by other writers to write the first 50,000 words of their next or current work in just 30 days. The official NaNo starts on November first, and you have to verify your word count by November 30th.

If you’re a writer, this is a great way to get the creative juices flowing for your next big project. It could even be a great way to help re-fuel after a long bought of writer’s block!

The forum is a great place to meet likeminded individuals and ask for help or bounce ideas.

Head on over to and sign up today! I’ll be there waiting.



The House Rules of a first time GM

As a few of you know, I’m beginning my very first run at storytelling for a pathfinder campaign this Friday evening. It’s a not-so-happy little world that I’ve been creating for the past few months, and I’m super excited to meet the player characters as they join us!

I’ve listened to many people, read articles, and played countless more hours of tabletop games in order to get a feel for what I think will be a good set of non-restrictive house rules for playing at my table.

If anyone’s interested, I’ve typed them up here! It’s very likely that more will get added to this list as time goes on. I’m very much a greenhorn when it comes to this sort of thing.

  1. I won’t make my players pay for basic rations on a standard dungeon crawl. They WILL have to prepare food and water for cross ocean/desert/forest treks though.
  2. If they choose to pay for food at an inn, it may or may not offer them some in-story benefits. Who knows.
  3. Custom items and weapons will be gifted to each player as the campaign goes on, based on their character backstory that they’ve given me.
  4. If the players can make an argument something (feat, skill, weapon, etc. WITHIN REASON) using story lore or pre-established background lore (read: from the story they’ve given me before today) then I will consider it at an away from table discussion.
  5. This is a very roleplay heavy game, I will reward good story telling.
  6. I’m using Inspiration. I like it.
  7. Show up in costume and you get a free point of inspiration to use during that night’s game.
  8. You also get a point of inspiration if you use a consistent character voice.
  9. Once you kill it, you can eat it. Basic enemies will be represented Hershey kisses and Reese’s cups. Mini boss monsters will be fun-size candy bars. Big story bosses will be full sized candy bars.

Like I said. I’ll likely think of more. I just thought these were fun.

Cosplaying While Plus Sized: Character Selection

I will preface this with one thing that I want everyone to be one-hundred percent clear on:

You can cosplay anything and everything that your heart desires, no matter your age, size, gender, skin color, height, etc.

And even with this knowledge, occasionally we all need a little bit of help deciding on our next costumes. That’s perfectly fine, I promise. Not everyone has that full on years long “to cosplay” list stored in their mental file cabinet. I know I sure don’t. More specifically, however, I’ve found that a lot of plus sized cosplayers have been having trouble deciding on something that they think “suits them”

I am here to tell you right up that if you want to wear it: do it. Love LOVE yourself and all that your body can do. You do NOT need to be a statuesque thin model to wear popular or attractive costumes.

However! This feeling isn’t easy, which is why we are here. We are here to get and give advice for those of us (myself included) who have a little bit more cushion to love. This article is how I do things, and may not be for everyone. It’s not meant to be a hard and fast guide for people, just my own experiences.

SO let’s break it down into some super simple steps that have personally helped me in the past.

Step One: Research!!

Think about the type of con you’re going to and the impact you want your costume to make. For example, if you want to me recognized and asked for a lot of pictures at an Anime con, it’s a good idea to look at the shows and manga that are currently popular.

Watch some new shows, read some new books, or rekindle an old favorite and binge watch “retro” anime on Netflix/Hulu/Crunchyroll. This will help you get some ideas for characters that you like and connect with.

Pause the shows when a character you like comes on and look at their costume. Is it something you would feel stellar in? Write it down. Do they have a variation that you absolutely adore? Screenshot it! Do you just love this character and want to showcase that love to the world? Welcome to fandom, you’re among friends.

For me, it was re-playing a game form my PS2 that I loved and adored. Odin Sphere. (Note: I made the costume the year the remake was announced, because I was THAT stoked)

Do you have some ideas now? Good! Moving on!

Step Two: Make your list of potentials and grab reference images.

So you’ve binged all of MHA, re-read all of The Uncanny X-Men, or played through Tales of Berseria to 100%. Awesome. Step one complete.

Now what you want to do is make yourself a list. When I’m trying to get cosplay ideas in order, I usually start by making a simple chart in word. I set it up with the name of the source (show/game/book/etc), character name, reference material for character photos, and a max budget. For the sake of this series, I’ll be following my construction of Gwendolyn’s ballgown from the video game Odin Sphere

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 9.59.22 AM

Step Three: Establish your max budget and intensity level.

This one is easy. What is the max amount that you would be willing to spend on props, wigs, materials, contacts, etc. It is super easy to blow past your budget if you don’t think about it too hard. I’ve done that many times before. Look at what your personal circumstances can allow, and stick to it! For my example costume (Gwendolyn) I had a max budget of three-hundred ($300) dollars.

How skilled are you at sewing and crafting? Would you need to commission a piece or purchase premade? (nothing wrong with either of these!! Supporting your local artists is a great thing to do.) It’s important to map out what you think you can do before you set your sights hard on a character.

Step Four: Will you need to modify the design at all?

You’ve done it. You were able to find a character you adore. They have a beautiful design, and you would love more than anything to wear that fabulous outfit all day and really act the role! But there’s this ONE thing that’s making you doubt your choice. Whether it be a strapless conundrum for the busty gals out there or a silhouette insecurity for those of us who need a bit more points into our confidence stats, your concerns are valid and normal. They are not, however, project-ending. You can make your favorite costume into something that you will feel comfortable in based on your personal preferences!

This is something I’ve had to see a lot more of in the plus sized community than anything, so please don’t discount any character based on one or two design elements that can very easily be changed!

One of the best things about cosplaying is that you can take a design and twist it so many different ways while still having it be accurate! Take the ballgown I’m using for this series. I’m super self conscious about my stomach and arms, and i wanted to prevent the dreaded chub rub on my inner thighs, so I had to do a few things differently.

Looking at the design, It was easy to see where I could handle my stomach insecurities. Shapewear under the dress would help a bit, but by modifying the type of top I was able to use a corsetted top to keep the even silhouette that I was comfortable with at the waist. For my arms I didn’t have to do much. The black sleeves did that naturally. A design choice that drew me to this costume to begin with.

For the chub rub, I realized that the length of the dres plus hoop skirt allowed for me to wear yoga pants and sneakers under the costume without anyone even knowing! Super comfy all day.

Once you have all of that figured out, and you’ve selected your character, it’s time to move on to the next phase… Sewing prep!

Come back here in TWO WEEKS to see my post on pattern selection and sewing prep!

Comment below with your favorite characters that you’ve ever cosplayed!

A new post series incoming!


Hello hello all!

Over the next few months, I’ll be making a series of posts about cosplaying while plus sized. I’ll go through my struggles, my suggestions, and anything I think could help other plus sized cosplayers in expanding their love for this great hobby.

So keep an eye out, starting next Friday! I’ll have a post every other friday about this!

Custom Continent Maps!

I started mapping out some more things! Literally! I’ll have to do more detailed city and cave maps as I go into more of the specifics, but I’m really happy with how this has ended up so far.


I’ll update a bit later once I finalize some things placement wise and add them into my digital file.

World Map Creation

This is my absolute first time running a pathfinder campaign, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been spending the past month mapping out plot lines (accounting for party derailment) and general themes. And now…

I got my world map finalized! This version isn’t to scale fully, even though there’s a scale in the corner. I enlarged a few things just for this picture so that in case my players find it, they’re not seeing a fully accurate map before the 23rd.

pathfinder map

Paileus is a world rife with political and social turmoil. At the turn of the century, many citizens are not too thrilled with how the world is run; broken up into separate conflicting factions that have little regard for the fallout of their actions.

Most common folk see themselves as just casual players in the long game, and few are willing to step up to do what is right.

The late King Taeron had begun amassing mystical artifacts capable of dealing great harm to his foes in a last-ditch effort to sway the turning war in his direction. And much like others before him, his sudden passing left his dream unfulfilled. The whereabouts of these artifacts are unknown to even the royal family.

There have also been rumors circulating of a second rebellion rising from the south led by a surprising force.

It is your job to navigate this world. Discover its secrets, and all it has to offer you.

Perhaps you wish to discover who truly murdered the King. Or maybe you’re more interested in hunting down the artifacts that Taeron had scattered to the corners of the earth. At the end of the day, you may just want to roam around the continents seeing how many notches you can put in your proverbial belt at each of the cities’ finest brothels.

Whatever you choose, make it worthwhile. Begin your journey in Scorpion Bay, and let the adventure unfold.